Piano Lessons

Develop a lifelong passion! Midgarden Music welcomes beginner through intermediate piano students. Piano lessons for kids use the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum and are supplemented with games, activities, and songs your kids love. The adult curriculum is more flexible based on the students prior experience and interests. All students, regardless of age, recieve a quality music education with the ultimate goals of integrating healthy piano technique and becoming well rounded musicians.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent - Victor Hugo

What to Expect


The intro lesson is a low pressure opportunity to get to know each other. We discuss your prior musical experience (if any) and what you’re interested in learning.

  • We’ll sit down and chat about your musical experience, goals, and interests
  • If you’ve played an instrument in the past, I may ask some questions to see where you are. This is not a test! There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know”. It just helps me to gauge your level so I can develop a plan that will work for you.
  • Regardless of your prior experience, it’s important to dive in and play! We may do some Call & Answer (I play a note or a short phrase then you repeat it back to me), improvise, or learn a short piece. If you have something prepared and would like to share it with me, let me know!
  • Lastly we’ll discuss the business side of things: studio policies, how payments work, cancellations, etc. Although there is no obligation after the free intro lesson, this is often when students choose to schedule a regular lesson time.

Piano Lesson FAQS

How are lessons structured?
Lessons begin with a warm up and technical work. The order of the rest of the lesson may vary, but most lessons will include ear training, repertoire (the pieces you’re working on), composing or improvisation, and games!
Where is the studio located?

Midgarden Music
1413B Wickapecko Drive
Ocean, NJ 07712

What age should my child begin lessons?
The best age to begin lessons depends on the student. Children are individuals, and while some 5 year olds may be ready for more focused one-on-one lessons, others might be better served in a group class. Lessons for young children include lots of activities and games. We switch gears often to help your child stay on task and set them up for a success. If you’re not sure if you’re child is ready, give us a call or sign up for an intro lesson!
Do you work with adult beginners? I have no experience or professional aspirations. I'd like to pick up a new hobby.
We love working with adult beginners! Adult students often tell us that their daily practice time is sacred in their home; it’s the one thing they do each day just for themselves. Making music in any capacity has wonderful benefits both emotionally and physically. We strongly believe that everyone should be encouraged to make music. Some of our students have past experience, and some have never picked up an instrument!
I'd like to learn to accompany myself. Can you help?
Of course! Ashley teaches both voice lessons and piano lessons. If you’d like to work on your singing as well, you can enroll in hour long lessons (minimum) with Ashley. If you already take voice lessons with Brendan, you can enroll in a separate piano lesson with Ashley.
What genres do you teach?
Lessons are tailored to the student. I assign pieces, or lesson books, that I believe will help you to grow as a pianist. I also encourage students to tell me what they would like to play. If the piece is too difficult, I’ll make a note of it for the future or teach you a simplified version.