Voice Lessons

Free your voice! Voice lessons emphasis healthy technique and expressive singing. It’s vital for singers to be strong musicians, so we also focus on music fundamentals.

Midgarden Music welcomes beginners and aspiring pros. We truly believe that anyone can improve their voice with an open mind, determination, and a willingness to try new things!┬áTogether we’ll work towards expanding your range, releasing tension, smoothing out those breaks, and gaining confidence!

No matter your age or experience, Midgarden Music will provide a well rounded music education tailored to your goals and interests.

What to Expect


The first time singing in front of a new teacher can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first voice lesson.

Midgarden Music is a laid back, friendly, supportive environment. Most new students start to feel at ease within a couple minutes.

Here’s a break down of the first lesson so you know what you’re in for!

  • We’ll sit down and chat about your vocal experience, goals, and musical interests.
  • We’ll do a vocal warm up so the teacher can get a feel for your voice (range, tone, etc). This is not a test or an audition! It’s purely to learn about your voice so the teacher can be as helpful as possible. Your teacher will likely ask you to try out a few things during the vocal warm up.
  • If there’s time, we may sing through a song. If you’d like to bring something in, great! If not, that’s fine too!
  • Lastly we’ll discuss the business side of things: studio policies, how payments work, cancellations, etc. Although there is no obligation after the free intro lesson, this is often when students choose to schedule a regular lesson time.

Voice Lesson FAQS

How are lessons structured?

The average lesson starts with a warm up. We’re strong believers in warming up the entire body, not just the voice. Our physical warm up helps with alignment and breathing. It also helps us to get in the zone and to let all those intrusive thoughts about school, work, etc. float away.

We warm up our bodies with some stretching and breathing exercises. Don’t fret if you’re not a gymnast, it’s very light stretching, to your comfort level, to release tension. We then move on to a vocal warm up where we dive into vocal technique. Vocal technique allows us to sing beautifully and efficiently, with freedom and ease. We spend the remaining time applying that technique to songs. Lessons usually include some musicianship as well (ear-training, sight-singing, music theory, etc.)

Where is the studio

Midgarden Music
1413 Wickapecko Drive
Ocean, NJ 07712

What age should my child begin lessons?

The correct age to begin vocal training can be quite controversial. We believe you’re never too old and rarely too young to take voice lessons with a thoughtful, experienced teacher. Children’s voices are naturally lighter and higher. It’s important not to push them to sing outside of their natural range, or to imitate a heavier, more mature sound.

Lessons for children focus on musicianship and performance (acting the song). We also work on age-appropriate technique and repertoire.

Do you work with adult beginners? I have no experience and I struggle to stay on pitch.
Beginners are most welcome! We work with beginners of all ages. Some of our students have past experience and some have never sung in front of another person. Singing in front of a stranger can be intimidating; we pride ourselves on our ability to put new students at ease and get them out of their shells!
I'd like to learn to accompany myself. Can you help?
Of course! Ashley teaches both voice lessons and piano lessons. If you’d like to learn piano as well, you can enroll in hour long lessons (minimum) where we can work on both instruments.

Although we only offer voice and piano lessons, we’ve worked with many songwriters and musicians who accompany themselves. Tell your teacher if you’d like to bring your guitar, ukulele, etc. to your lesson!

What methods/genres do you teach?

Midgarden Music’s vocal program is based on Bel Canto technique. This does not mean you will be encouraged to sing like an opera singer if that is not your goal. The aim of this classic technique is to sing in a healthy and efficient way. We work on breathing, balanced tone and registration, and the elimination of tension. This allows you to sing whatever genre you love more expressively and without strain. Our students sing classical, musical theater, pop, folk, jazz, R&B, indie, etc.

*Sorry metal fans, we do not teach screaming technique.