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Group Voice Classes

Singing voice class for kids Ocean Township NJ

Sing freely and build confidence!

We believe kids learn best in a fun, welcoming group atmosphere. Classes focus on developmentally appropriate technique & repertoire and music fundamentals (steady beat, rhythm, solfege, sight-singing, etc).

Our vocal studio welcomes beginners and experienced singers.

Discover your unique voice.

Voice classes are all about vocal exploration. Students learn to sing with less tension, how to use their breath efficiently, expand their range, and bridge the shift between your higher and lower registers. A solid foundation of good technique help kids develop confidence as singers and as a performers.

Develop your musicianship.

All of our classes at Midgarden Music put a strong emphasis on musicianship skills & fundamentals. Our singers develop a strong sense of beat, rhythm, pitch, and artistry.

Voice 1, 2, and 3 work on reading rhythm & singing solfege, eventually leading to sight-singing. These are the skills that allow singers to be independent learners & sought after performers!


Songbirds (4-6 year olds)
Sing, learn, move, dance and play! Songbirds is a fun, friendly introductory voice class. Kids learn through silly warm ups, tongue twisters, and classic singing games that have been sung for generations.

Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm
Tuition: $92/month

Voice classes for Kids & Teens (Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3):
Our young singers learn great songs from multiple styles and eras. They may work on anything from classic folk songs to Broadway to pop. We work on posture, breathing, healthy/beautiful tone production, diction, unison vowels, and acting/performance technique. Students will sing together as a group, and have opportunities for solo singing. Students learn to sing in harmony, depending on the age and level of the class.

Our classes build a strong musical foundation. Our singers are prepared to be strong members of their future choirs, musical theater productions, and vocal ensembles. All voice students follow our musicianship curriculum for singers which emphasizes rhythm, melody & sight-singing, ear-training, and reading musical notation.

Voice 1 (ages 6-8)
Tuesdays 4:45-5:45pm
Tuition: $108/month

Voice 2 (ages 9-12)
Tuesdays 6:45-7:45pm
Tuition: $108/month

Voice 3 (ages 13-18)
Mondays 6:45-7:45pm
Tuition: $108/month

Broadway Bound
This class could also be called “Voice for Musical Theater” or “Acting for Singers”. Students receive training in vocal technique, acting, and the musicianship skills needed to be a sought after performer. Students will sing together as an ensemble, learn to blend and harmonize, and have opportunities to sing solo.

Broadway Bound (ages 8-10)
Tuesdays 5:45-6:45pm
Tuition: $108/month

5-Part Structure for Voice Classes

1. Body/Mind/Posture
As singers, our bodies are our instruments. We need to be able to turn our focus inward to be aware of our posture, breathing, and the different sensations we feel as we sing. We need to do all of this while listening to ourselves and those around us. Classes begin with stretches and exercises to release tension from our bodies and focus our minds.

2. Breath
Every class incorporates breathing exercises. Students learn how to breath correctly for singing, and how to manage their breath to support their sound.

3. Voice
Students sing vocal exercises that warm up their voices and help them learn/incorporate proper vocal technique. Good technique allows us to sing in an easy, free, healthy way. It protects us from strain, and gives us more tools to be expressive.

4. Repertoire
Students learn/practice their songs. Depending on the class, students may be singing together in unison, in harmony, or solo. We work on singing songs accurately and incorporating our vocal technique. Students also learn how to analyze music & lyrics, and how to sing expressively (acting the song).

5. Musicianship
All voice classes include musicianship skills. Over time, students learn to hear/sing intervals, scales, and arpeggios. Students also learn to read music & sight sing. Our singers are well prepared to be strong members of their future choirs, bands, theater companies, and music ensembles.


Class Policies

Welcome to Midgarden Music!! By enrolling in one of our classes you agree to the following policies:

Important Dates:

First Day of Class: Monday Sept 12, 2022
Last Day of Class: Friday June 23, 2023
Summer Session: July & August

Studio Closed:
Halloween: October 31st
Thanksgiving: Wed Nov. 23rd – Fri Nov 25th
Winter Break: Mon Dec 26th – Fri Dec 30th
Spring Break: Mon Apr 3rd – Fri Apr 7th
Holiday: Wed May 3rd
Memorial Day: Mon May 29th – Tues May 30th

Class Procedures:

  • Please arrive on time to class with all of your materials.
  • Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering.
  • Students who are ill should not attend class.
  • Group classes are drop-off (unless otherwise stated) to limit the number of people inside the studio.

Please be on time for pick up to allow us time to sanitize instruments and shared surfaces between classes.

Group classes run from September 12th through June 23rd. New students can enroll any time of year so long as there is space.

Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to discontinue classes. Students will not be charged for the remainder of the annual tuition, but payments that have already been made are non-refundable.

Tuition is due by the first class of each month. Tuition is a flat all-inclusive monthly fee; it includes any fees and assigned books/materials. We’ll send an invoice with an online payment link. You’re welcome to pay with Zelle, cash/check at the studio, or autopay with a credit card.

Monthly tuition from Sept-June is 1/10th of the entire cost. It is NOT based on the number of classes each month. Tuition will be the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in the month.

Class Absence:
Please notify your teacher in the event of an absence. You can attend a different class for a make up so long as there’s space. Although we’ll do our best to fit you in, make up classes are not guaranteed. Missed classes are nonrefundable.

If the studio has to close due to weather, the class may be held on Zoom. There are two extra makeup weeks built into the calendar in case we need to cancel a class all together, with the exception of Monday classes which have one extra week built in.

Occasionally Ms Ashley likes to schedule free “office hours” to provide extra help & guided practice. Unfortunately we cannot offer makeups if you miss office hours.

Use of Images and Video:
Midgarden Music uses photos and videos of students on our website and social media to highlight student success and achievements, and to promote our services. By enrolling in Midgarden Music’s lessons, classes, or events, you agree that Midgarden Music may video and/or audio tape and photograph you or your child, and record you or your child’s voice and performance of any musical composition(s), during and in connection with your music lesson, class, camp, or performance. You agree that Midgarden Music may use these videos recordings, and photographs in any and all media, including the Internet, for the promotion of Midgarden Music’s services.

We strongly believe in your family’s right to privacy. You can revoke this consent at any time by emailing info@midgardenmusic.com. Although we will do our best to work with you, we reserve the right to keep any previously posted or printed advertisements, website media, or social media posts that were made before you revoked consent. Although you can choose not to participate, you cannot revoke consent for musicals, public group class performances, or any recital performance that involves other students (group songs, ensembles, etc). If you’re unsure if this is applicable to you, please feel free to talk with your teacher for more information.

Personal Injury and Liability:
Midgarden Music will not be held responsible for any personal items damaged, left, misplaced, or stolen at our facilities or at off site classes, events, or functions hosted or attended by Midgarden Music.

Midgarden Music will not be held responsible for any personal injuries or bodily damage while at our facilities or at off site classes, events, or functions hosted or attended by Midgarden Music, including any short-term or long-term injury caused by playing an instrument.


If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.

-Zimbabwean Proverb